Hooters Tex Mex Nachos

Hooters  Tex Mex Nachos

Get ready for a flavor fiesta with Hooters Tex Mex Nachos! This dish is a hearty blend of Tex-Mex ingredients piled high on a bed of crispy tortilla chips, making it perfect for sharing or satisfying a solo craving.

Price: $12-15


Tortilla chipsCorn, vegetable oil, salt
Ground beefBeef, spices
Cheddar cheeseMilk, cheese cultures, salt, enzymes
Black beansBlack beans, water, salt
Pico de galloTomatoes, onions, cilantro, jalapenos (optional), lime juice, spices
Sour creamCultured cream, milk
GuacamoleAvocado, lime juice, cilantro, onion, salt (optional)
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NutrientAmount Per Serving
Serving SizeVaries depending on restaurant, but typically enough for 2-3 people
CaloriesAround 1200-1500 per serving
FatAround 60-70g per serving
Saturated FatAround 30-40g per serving
CholesterolAround 80-100mg per serving
SodiumAround 1000-1200mg per serving
CarbohydratesAround 100-120g per serving
SugarAround 15-20g per serving
ProteinAround 30-40g per serving

Allergens & Sensitivities

AllergenPossible Sources
MilkCheese sauce, sour cream
SoyGround beef, cheese
WheatTortilla chips
GlutenVarious, inquire at the restaurant
DairyCheese sauce, sour cream
BeefGround beef

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