Hooters Spicy Garlic

Hooters Spicy Garlic

Hooters Spicy Garlic sauce is a popular option with wings, shrimp, and other menu items.

It’s known for its bold flavor profile, combining the heat of chili peppers with the savory zing of garlic. Some describe it as having a slightly smoky undertone as well.


ingredientMain Components
MayonnaiseEggs, oil, vinegar
GarlicFresh or powdered
Hot SaucePeppers, spices
SpicesPaprika, cayenne pepper, etc.


FatHigh due to the mayonnaise base.
CaloriesModerate, depending on the serving size.
SodiumModerate, from the hot sauce and spices.
CarbohydratesModerate, depending on added sugars or thickeners.

Allergens & Sensitivities


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