Hooters Fish and Chips

Hooters Fish and Chips

Hooters Fish and Chips is a menu item at the Hooters restaurant chain. It features battered and fried cod served with fries and tartar sauce.

It’s a classic pub dish with a Hooters twist, meaning it might be served in a larger portion or alongside their signature Hooters wings.


Fish (typically Haddock or Cod)Fresh Haddock or Cod fillets
Beer batterFlour, cornstarch, baking powder, spices, beer
Vegetable oilOil suitable for frying (such as canola or peanut)
PotatoesRusset or Yukon Gold potatoes
Seasoning blendPaprika, garlic powder, onion powder, other spices
Tartar sauce ingredientsMayonnaise, pickles, relish, lemon


NutrientRecommended Range
CaloriesAround 800-1000
FatAround 40-50g
Saturated FatAround 10-15g
CholesterolAround 100mg
SodiumAround 800-1000mg
CarbohydratesAround 80-100g
SugarAround 10-15g
ProteinAround 40-50g

Allergens & Sensitivities


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